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What is Uniworth (UNIX) Coin?
bitcoin, erc20 token, uniworth coinUniworth Coin (UNIX) is a secure, safe asset-backed cryptocurrency build on a multi-dimensional blockchain as a partially distributed ledger that is used for real-time payments. The underlying value of Uniworth Coin is established on a risk profile based user-defined allocation of a portfolio of asset classes. The Uniworth Coin (UNIX) wallet offers innovative features like Cross-Chain exchange for all forms of crypto currencies, micro-payments platform for internet transactions, person to person digital cash payments, Micro Investments and Smart Loans.

We believe that money must serve the primary purpose that it was intended for, which are a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value. The solution by Uniworth Coin (UNIX) eliminates the need for using banking products. We facilitate payment directly between parties, commonly known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment. Your money resides in your wallet, and when you effect payment it is instantaneous similar to giving cash. As a crypto currency which is not linked to a sovereign country, it can facilitate instant, frictionless payments even across borders, with very low fees, enable low value transactions, and at very fast processing times Uniworth Coin (UNIX) provides a means of exchange of value in systems where trust in central authority has been lost. Digital and analogue money up to now failed to provide a globally appealing and efficient means of payment.

Key Features of Uniworth Coin

  •  Micropayments
    Our Micropayments are defined as transactions online for digital content at minimum values.
  • Money Transfer
    Our online payment system is able to provide fast and low cost money transfer facility
  • Micro investments
    We will invest in to develop small project to raise the standards of living of mankind.
  • Smart Loans
    Life is complicated and full of ups and downs. We believe that every one deserve a helping hand time to time.
    We are going to provide the smart loans worth $500 – $5000.


Our Ether Contract Address: 0x36ec460817aa2fb8990b20dc58a7c6f86e7fc48d




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