We have achieve another milestone towards our commitment. Now we have successfully got listed to another 3 exchanges. we are very thankful to our supporters and coin holders.

STAR BIT provides high convenience and excellent user experience compatible with conventional centralized exchanges, while ensuring the high-level security and privacy protection in its decentralized trades. Users are allowed to launch trades on our platform by using local wallets such as MetaMask or hardware wallets such as Ledger Wallet. This design ensures that only users are able to access the private key of their own wallet. It also means that users literally have full control over their cryptocurrency.

Bamboo is a 0x relayer – trade any ERC20 token. This is an early beta release, as such it is advised you limit your trading to small amounts initially.

Token Jar isĀ  decentralized exchange
The transaction happens directly from wallet to wallet, without deposit, registration and KYC

Note: “As you know Crypto market is in down trend and we have heavily invested in crypto market and cloud mining projects. For the last 3 months cloud mining is not profitable as expected that is why our investment packages are freeze. Support your coin and get involved in the up-coming Uniworth Community Programme.”


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